Making Your Lash Extensions Last

  • Don’t Sleep face Down

This will crush and make your Lash Extensions go out of shape.

  • Say Goodbye to Mascara

Mascara contains oils and waxes, Lash Extensions should not come in to contact with oil as it will melt the glue and loosen the hold.

  • Apply Eyeliner sparingly

Lash Extensions should be kept clean to prolong their time spent on your lashes

  • Stash the Lash Curler

Lash Extensions are durable but not indestructible, so don’t go testing their limits by curling them.

  • No Cotton Pads

Getting cotton pad fibre stuck on Lash Extensions is a nightmare. Use a cotton bud with a precise tip to get to hard to reach areas.

  • Be Gentle

Soak a cotton bud with water based make up remover and gently work to remove eye make-up.

  • Resist the Urge to Rub

Rubbing will cause fallout, with Lash Extensions you will break the habit

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